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Birthdate:Jul 25
Location:Colorado, United States of America

( ADAMROCKS ) This is my open blog about all things geeky and as a result this journal will remain open for public viewing. If you're wanting to hear more of the dirt, I suggest you head over to my LJ (yourxpridex) and friend me there. You're more than welcome to friend me here. Chances are I'll friend you back. I don't have any of those silly rules where you have to comment so often or that shit. I'm horrible at commenting myself so there's no point in trying to enforce something I cannot even follow. Fandom is basically a part of my life. While most of my fandom rants and raves will probably end up on my LJ, the Dreamwidth crowd may encounter a few as well.

( GEEK ) I geek out over quite a few things. I'm a math geek and find that I think more in numbers than anything else. To me, just about everything can be converted to a series of numbers and formulas. I enjoy music and spend most of my day listening to something. Silence doesn't do me well. Reading's fun but I find that I just don't have the time to get into a good book anymore.
( CREDITS ) Many thanks to for providing the amazing layout.

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